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Program Management
  • Defined system focused on meeting customer timing closely matched to the internal milestones to ensure the product is production ready.
  • 4 phases that closely follow our customers project management system
  • Structured reporting to customers on weekly basis
  • All program managers are degreed Plastic Engineers

Program management takes on a new definition for us at Accudyn. We understand the commitment our customers have made when they selected us for their programs and we return the favor with our intimate focus on the details of each and every program.

At Accudyn we utilize a 4-phase, milestone-based, program management system with dedicated program managers. Our systems are built around structure and communication to ensure our customers are, at all times, fully aware of the progress of their specific programs. Our milestone structure is based on both internal and external tasks and procedures. The assigned program manager is responsible for ensuring that the customer requirements and timing are being coordinated with the internal production requirements so that we are production ready when we need to be.