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Black Motor Case Flow Analysis
Black Motor Case Diagram

Black Motor Case

Project Challenge:

To re-engineer a part and a molding process for a problem component.

Description / Solution:

Our customer's actuator case was a difficult, expensive molded part that needed some attention. With an expensive engineered resin, significant quality issues and high functional requirements, the customer was looking for a solution and found it at Accudyn.

Working closely with the customer's engineer, we identified the key functional requirements of the part along with a number of issues with the current mold and part designs. Using flow analysis software, Accudyn was able to show how the gating method in the current mold was contributing to the quality issues they were experiencing. We were also able to demonstrate how our recommendation would give them a more robust, repeatable process resulting in a more consistent part. With a full understanding of how the part is used we also recommended a material change that resulted in a significant price decrease as well. The resulting part was a dramatic change for our customer, giving them a part that consistently meets their requirements and is also more cost effective. 

Part & Process design is where true value is added.  If you've got a problem part that needs some attention, let Accudyn's engineers offer you a solution.