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Garage Door Window Frames Redesign / Manufacturing Cell
Garage Door Window Frame Redesign / Manufacturing Cell

Garage Door Window Frames Redesign / Manufacturing Cell

Project Challenge:

To improve product design with the focus on developing a robust, cost-effective manufacturing process.

Description / Solution:

When a large garage door manufacturer was looking for a less costly option for their window frame product line, Accudyn was able to provide the solution. Using a co-extruded profile that was cut to length and assembled, the customer was struggling with high scrap rates from a complicated, high-cost manufacturing process. This process resulted in many quality issues with their customers. After working closely with them to understand the current product and the issues inherent in the design, the Accudyn Engineering Team went to work. The resulting injection molded design with an integrated, overmolded seal performed much better than the previous design and provided our customer annual cost savings that exceeded $1.5 million. Ensuring that Design for Manufacturability principles were fully considered upfront resulted in a product that can be manufactured in a highly-automated assembly cell and contributed significantly to overall costs savings.

If you need a supplier that can be your partner in redesigning your current product, let Accudyn be that partner.