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Integral Switch Housing Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

Integral Switch Housing Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

Project Challenge:

To turn five parts & three manufacturing processes into one highly engineered component.

Description / Solution:

Our customer's Integral Switch product was a continuous manufacturing headache. The final product was composed of five different components that used three different manufacturing processes to assemble. This complicated manufacturing process resulted in poor part-to-part consistency, a very high scrap rate, and excessive line down time to troubleshoot and "tweak" the process. The Accudyn solution: "Let's make it out of plastic."

Working closely with our customer to ensure that we understood all the design criteria, we developed a one-piece plastic design that met or exceeded all product requirements, added functionality, and dramatically reduced scrap. In addition to all these benefits, our customer realized a cost savings of 80% over the metal assembly.

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