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Plastic Gear Technology
Plastic Gear Technology

Plastic Gear Technology

Project Challenge:

To prove our engineering & manufacturing expertise in a specialized niche market.

Description / Solution:

Accudyn has molded many gears over the years but when we asked for an opportunity to mold gears for a large building controls customer, their response was simply: "Prove it."

They challenged us to build a mold for one of their current products and get it fully qualified before they could consider us for any gear projects. Accudyn took this challenge and invested in a mold for a tight tolerance gear. The component engineer that validated our gear approved Accudyn as a supplier for this product line with the comment that our gear was actually better than the same gear made by the approved supplier. According to Michael K., Senior Commodity Manager, "Accudyn demonstrated their commitment to <customer> and clearly showed their technical expertise with plastic gears." This validation process resulted in a business award of a high visibility program that was successfully completed by Accudyn in late 2010.

If you are not getting the same level of commitment to your plastic gear products, let Accudyn show you how it’s done.