Erie, PA

U.S. Molding Operations and Corporate Headquarters

Accudyn’s U.S.-based injection molding facility is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, which is approximately 125 miles north of Pittsburgh. It is also home to our company headquarters for our sales, marketing, business development, accounting, finance, engineering, and information technology departments. The Erie site is also home to Accudyn’s toolmaking and engineering facility, AME.

This injection molding facility has modern injection molding machines ranging in size from 20 to 500 ton (see our equipment list below fo an up-to-date total and breakdown of presses). With continuous investment in engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques, we offer:


API Equipment List

Accudyn Products, Inc. (API) in Erie, Pennsylvania currently has 45 presses in operation. We also have nearly 20 each of sprue pickers, color blenders, and press robots at this facility.

Press SizeQuantityManufacturer
44 Ton1Sumitomo
55 Ton2Sumitomo
72 Ton5Nissei
89 Ton6Nissei
100 Ton1Sodick
123 Ton5Nissei
150 Ton1Sodick
154 Ton4Nissei
198 Ton3Sumitomo / Nissei
239 Ton1Nissei
309 Ton8Nissei
385 Ton3Sumitomo
500 Ton5Nissei

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