Continuous Improvement and Teamwork

Driven by a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork, Accudyn is a dynamic company that delivers highly specialized injection molding solutions.

At Accudyn, we openly share our insights on performance, moldability, production and design with our customers. Our dynamic, systems-based approach to manufacturing gives our customers confidence that Accudyn will exceed their expectations.

  • Engineering

    At Accudyn, engineering is integral to every step of our injection molding processes, from design through production.

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  • Program Management

    At Accudyn, we utilize a four-phase, milestone-based, program management system to deliver highly engineered injection molding solutions.

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  • Molding

    With production facilities in Erie, Pa., and Chihuahua, Mexico, Accudyn offers extensive capacity for a diverse range of precision injection molding.

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  • Prototyping

    At Accudyn, our prototyping capability is ideal for validating product designs, materials and reducing time to market.

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  • Secondary Operations

    Accudyn offers a range of secondary operations and capabilities at both our Erie, Pa., and Chihuahua, Mexico facilities.

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  • Tooling

    When it comes to tooling for injection molding, Accudyn has decades of experience, from design and fabrication to maintenance and version changeovers.

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  • Materials

    Accudyn works with more than 250 different materials in our plants, with a focus on highly engineered resins.

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  • Quality

    Accudyn’s certified quality systems are integral to our focus on zero defect injection molding and flawless delivery performance.

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