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Los productos de moldeo por inyección de Accudyn para aplicaciones industriales están diseñados para desempeñarse en una gran variedad de ambientes comerciales y residenciales.

Comprendemos que las partes y componentes industriales deben soportar usos duros y complejos. Esta demanda requiere un nivel más alto de desempeño tanto en el diseño como en la selección de materiales. El equipo de ingeniería de Accudyn trabaja contigo desde el principio del proyecto en el diseño, desarrollo y fabricación de moldes, prototipos y producción.

En Accudyn, nuestra variedad de partes de moldeo por inyección para aplicaciones industriales incluye componentes utilizados en una amplia gama de mercados y un gran número de clientes.

"Everyone at Accudyn understands that satisfying the customer is a responsibility that we all share, that everyone has an important role in ensuring that we keep the promises that we make to our customers and to each other."

Don Stolarski

Director of Sales & Marketing ~ Accudyn, USA

"Tooling is a vital piece of the puzzle, ensuring that tool designs are optimized, allows molds to be built that will produce the high quality parts that we deliver to our customers at Accudyn."

Dennis Albrewczynski

Tooling Support Engineer ~ Accudyn, USA

"Ensuring we understand what our customers' expectations are and communicating them to the rest of the organization is a vital part of our Customer Service effort and really helps us to keep strong relationships both internally and externally."

Nicole Bryant

Customer Service ~ Accudyn, USA

"Since joining Accudyn in 2014 as a Customer Service Representative, not only am I surrounded by bright, friendly and talented people, but I have been provided many opportunities for personal and professional development."

Leanne Sheldon

Sales ~ Accudyn, USA

"Meeting customer expectations is not only about having good machinery. It's doing your job with passion, deliver when promised, attitude for service, be proud of who you are and what you are doing for the company, think positive and be the change factor."

Albino Rivas

General Manager ~ Accudyn de Mexico

"Good parts start with concentration on your job. It is important to take pride in what you do in order to produce quality parts."

Pat Daugherty

Machine Operator ~ Accudyn, USA

"We believe our accounting department upholding integrity is important and proven through our customer and vendor expectations."

Debbie Hafner

Accounting Supervisor ~ Accudyn, USA

"As part of the Accudyn team, it is important for the Accounting Department staff to build strong relationships based on trust and dependability with customers and vendors alike."

Taylor Catalfu

Accounts Receivable ~ Accudyn, USA

"Community involvement and giving back to local organizations is very important at Accudyn and as a Marketing Coordinator, I am proud to showcase all that we do."

Erin Schumacher

Customer Service / Marketing Coordinator ~ Accudyn, USA

"As project engineers, we specialize in risk identification and mitigation strategies throughout the entire product lifecycle. The result is robust part, tool, and process designs to exceed our customers' quality expectations."

Matt Weller

Sr. Project Engineer ~ Accudyn, USA

"We at Accudyn love new challenges, this is what makes us keep growing and getting better. We are passionate about putting together our knowledge and abilities to find a way to make things happen. Our focus is to create value for our customers."

Raul Sepulveda

New Projects Manager ~ Accudyn de Mexico

"Accudyn's engineering philosophy is simple, Combine a systematic approach with empowered employees to make the right decisions each step of the way. Communication is essential to successful project management."

John Kraynik

Engineering Manager ~ Accudyn, USA

"Accudyn de Mexico's focus has always been to not only meet, but to exceed our customers' expectations through our customer service and product quality."

Yunuen Molina

Materials Mgr. ~ Accudyn de Mexico

"All of us in the Quality Department pride ourselves on making quality products. In the 10 years I've been at Accudyn, I've got to be a part of their amazing growth and success and am truly proud to be a part of this Accudyn family."

Kelly Beeman

Quality Control ~ Accudyn, USA

"We work to ensure that our customers feel confident in us by meeting their requests in time and with excellent quality. This is achieved through the importance of communicating the needs of the customers with the rest of our Accudyn team."

Diego Jauregui

Customer Service Rep. ~ Accudyn de Mexico