The Important Role Women Play in Our Workplace

Posted on 05-12-2017

Mayor of Chihuahua, Mexico – María Eugenia Campos Galván visits Accudyn de Mexico.

In the past couple of months, Accudyn has had the pleasure of hosting two important local officials at both of our plants in Erie, PA and Chihuahua, Mexico. Both community leaders being women reflect the key role that women play at Accudyn from the top leadership of our company; to the important work our operators are doing on the manufacturing floor; to the engineering expertise that is vital to helping us solve our customers’ problems.

Most recently, Accudyn de Mexico had the honor of welcoming María Eugenia Campos Galván, the first female Mayor in the history of Chihuahua, Mexico, to visit our facility. During the Mayor’s visit, she affirmed the importance of women in the workplace. Emilia Melendez, a partner in our operation in Mexico, detailed that the percentage of women hired at Accudyn de Mexico is almost 51%, giving women opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

We were chosen for Mayor Campos Galván’s visit due to our unique business structure, having investments from both the US and Mexico and our current scholarship program that is set up with the local technical school to provide students with much needed education and opportunity. Señora Campos Galván initiated a program to enhance the city’s reputation and to attract new investments, contributing to our focus for the future of continued growth and expanding capabilities. She had a great deal of positive feedback regarding our operation and the important role women play in our company. We are very proud of our success in servicing large customers and providing jobs within our community.

Additionally, we were equally honored to host Erie County Executive, Kathy Dahlkemper, at Accudyn Products. County Executive Dahlkemper set a goal to visit 50 businesses in 50 weeks to help showcase the variety of employers who have planted roots in Erie County. Being a woman owned company, we are very honored to have been her first visit. She commented on how bright, clean, and high-tech our operations were. During her tour of our facility, she could see our operators monitoring key process parameters and important part features, our teams in tooling and molding, as well as our engineering and office support. She was also very impressed with our building expansion that will provide an extra 6,000 square feet to help support the recent growth at both our plants and give us space to support our planned growth for the future. Peg Bly, President of Accudyn, pointed out to Mrs. Dahlkemper that having manufacturing in both countries has helped both operations achieve significant growth. “Accudyn would not be the company we are today without the support and cooperation between our operations in Mexico and the US; it has been critical”. In the past 20 months, we have added 55 jobs in Erie County and continue to grow. As a family owned business in Erie County, we’ve had the unique opportunity to be greatly involved in and supportive of our local community and we’re very proud to continue this tradition at Accudyn.

Both visits from Mayor Campos and County Executive Dahlkemper helped to enhance our enthusiasm as a company and reaffirmed our vision of a bright future ahead!