Additional Presses Open Doors for More Business & Talented Employees

Posted on 12-07-2017

It has been quite an exciting time at Accudyn Products, Inc. recently as the addition of four new Nissei presses provide the opportunity for business growth and production of more quality parts for our customers. VP of Operations, Ted Bly, has recently been working on a lot of behind-the-scenes development. “We have been continuing to work with our customers across multiple market segments developing and executing a wide range of new projects. The addition of four new presses at our Erie location is part of a larger capacity expansion at both the Erie and Chihuahua locations totaling 12 injection molding machines and two facility expansions in the preceding 16 months.”

The increase in the number of presses not only opens the door for additional business, but for additional talented employees as well. Manufacturing jobs in Erie, PA have continued to increase year after year, boosting the local economy and making it a prime location for Accudyn.  From operators and quality inspectors, to engineers and logistics coordinators, each position plays a key role in the continued success of the business.

Accudyn continues to thrive as we keep customers our top priority. Ted adds, “These results and expansions have a direct correlation with the continued trust received from our customers and the accomplishments of our employees as we continue to develop Accudyn into an organization people turn to first for manufacturing solutions.” Having a solid foundation and paving the way for future growth are critical aspects of Accudyn’s continued success.