Accudyn de Mexico Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Posted on 01-05-2018

Accudyn de Mexico, December 2007. From left to right: Albino Rivas, Tom Bly, Emilia Melendez, John Norris, Peg Bly, Sergio Valdez and Victor Leal.

Accudyn de Mexico celebrated their Ten Year Anniversary this past December. Tom and Peg Bly, never thought they would be opening a second plant when they first started Accudyn Products in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1998. By listening to their customers’ wants and needs, they decided it would be beneficial to expand their family-owned business and open a plant in Chihuahua, Mexico in December 2007.

The Blys were introduced to four young entrepreneurs (Albino Rivas, Emilia Melendez, Victor Leal, and Sergio Valdez) who had just started a small molding operation. The relationship instantly clicked and it became clear that this partnership would help support their customers. It took only 3 months before they had their first transfer program. They started with just 5 presses and 6 employees but, after ten years of hard work and customer focus, are now operating with 44 presses and 340 employees! When asked what he was most proud of, Albino Rivas said, “Being a factor of change in our community is really exciting. We are able to produce jobs and to give the people in our community a decent way of life is priceless.” Emilia Melendez adds, “We are a company with strong core values in which all our associates are part of the Accudyn family. We are very involved in improving our community through social programs and actively participating in initiatives for our environmental system. We see opportunities instead of problems and we strive to be part of the solution.”

The growth within just ten years has been outstanding, far surpassing all expectations. Jon Bly said “We’ve been very fortunate at Accudyn and have enjoyed unprecedented growth over our short history. Ten years ago, when we joined with our Mexican partners to create Accudyn de Mexico, we never imagined how quickly it would grow to what it is today. Albino, Emilia, Sergio and Victor took the vision of Accudyn that our parents created and in just ten years made Accudyn de Mexico a leader in our industry!” Ted Bly agreed and added “Growing up watching Accudyn become what it is today has been one of the greatest experiences in our lives. We’re unbelievably proud of what our parents and our partners in Mexico have been able to accomplish and we are appreciative for the opportunities they have provided for us to be a part of it!” When asked about the future, Albino said, “If we continue doing things right and staying focused, I see Accudyn as a serious option and competing with the top plastic injection molding corporations.”

Tom Bly recognized two of the biggest reasons for ADM’s success. “The people we have down there are very astute; they know Mexican operation.” He added, “There were also many potential US customers looking to mold in Mexico, creating a lot of opportunity for new business.” They knew they were doing something right so they continued to work hard and credit much of ADM’s success to their four partners and all the dedicated and talented people working there. Peg Bly expressed her gratitude for the devoted employees they have been blessed to have. “We are proud that we have not lost one job in Mexico and in fact, have expanded our skilled support services here in Erie. Accounting, Sales, and Engineering – they have all grown as a means of supporting ADM and Erie has managed to grow and add additional jobs as well!” ADM has unlimited potential growth for the future. Tom Bly humbly said “The level of quality of product Mexico puts out is way above the norm. Their high standards and continuous improvement is how we grow, and that is something I am most proud of.”