Family Owned Business Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Posted on 07-19-2018

Accudyn Products, Inc.

From left to right: Sloane Bly, Jon Bly, Peg Bly, Tom Bly, Ted Bly, Tim Bates, Danielle Bates.

Founded in 1997 by Tom and Peg Bly, Accudyn Products, Inc. celebrated their 20th Anniversary by hosting a party for the ages for all employees, family and friends. Guests enjoyed a stunning sunset view as they listened to live music, mingled with coworkers, and shared a delicious meal. The focus of the night was Employees, Community, and Customers. Peg Bly proudly shared “when Tom and I started the business, our focus was on doing things that others wouldn’t take on. We carry that ideology today.”

Ted Bly, son of Tom and Peg, gave a wonderful presentation showing the steady growth over the years and acknowledging all of the milestones along the way. Between the plants in both Erie and Mexico, Accudyn produced 171,526,797 parts in 2017, which is equivalent to 8 parts per second!  Accudyn’s success didn’t just happen overnight though…lots of hard work, determination, and strategic planning helped Accudyn become what it is today.

The people are the most essential element in Accudyn’s success and that was clearly expressed throughout the presentation. Awards were handed out to celebrate employee anniversaries and recipients voiced their appreciation for the teams of people around them.

The second theme of the night was our community. With success comes the responsibility to give back and get involved! Accudyn is involved in many charitable organizations and frequently gives back to the local community through volunteering, sponsorships and donations. In 2016, Accudyn supported 17 separate local organizations! The Bly family believes in helping the Erie community and are very proud to be a part of it!

Finally, the customers…the final focus area of the night, but certainly not the least important. Customers trust and rely on Accudyn to engineer and manufacture quality parts while making on-time deliveries. Accudyn strives to exceed all customer expectations and it is our successful relationships that allow Accudyn to continue to grow.

“Looking back at what made Accudyn what it is today, and looking forward to what Accudyn will be in the future, not only makes us very proud but gives us much excitement of what the future will hold” says Peg.  “The next generation continues to reinforce these values and will continue to invest in the people and the technology that will drive Accudyn to the next level.”