Engineers Week 2022: What Project Engineers Do

Posted on 02-21-2022

Engineers Week not only provides an opportunity to highlight the work of engineers, but also to reflect upon our efforts at Accudyn and how we feel our practices set us apart from others in our industry. Although the methods and techniques engineers use to solve problems are often unique to their department, the ability to translate and solve those problems in a collaborative way at Accudyn gives us an advantage to reimagining the possible.

Mold Close Up

A close-up of a mold

Here in the engineering department at Accudyn, we are focused on formulating solutions, customer relations, and professional development. We have set up our department in different teams that will work together, provide guidance, and develop comradery. Senior engineers are present to help provide guidance and assist the entry-level engineers with challenges that they may have not yet faced, while those entry-level engineers help to provide a fresh perspective on operations and methods of obtaining our goals.

In addition to our professional staff, Accudyn is also focused on bringing in students as interns to help develop their understanding of the plastics industry with our daily tasks of simulations, 3D printing, mold design review, part sampling, and reporting. These real-life examples reflect what students are already learning in the classroom, so Accudyn’s interns are able to use the information they learn with us to create a reference and framework in order better understand their curriculum.

Project engineer with student at career fair

A project engineer with a prospective intern

Our engineers and interns are able to apply knowledge related to their engineering studies, but Accudyn also takes this a step further by offering them employment as project engineers after graduation. The opportunity to be a project engineer provides experience in other departments that are important in a business. Some of these departments include quality, manufacturing, tool and die, accounting, design, and 3D printing and scanning. Approaching work in this way helps engineers gain the experience to become well-rounded professionals with a better understanding of how their decisions have an impact on colleagues and ultimately, the customer. Conversely, others might need years of experience in one or more positions to gain similar knowledge and experience.

Project engineer with colleagues from Accudyn Mexico

Project engineer with colleagues from Accudyn Mexico

Accudyn Inc., is an international company. We work with customers all around the world and have production sites in the United States and Mexico. We also work directly with outside vendors in countries like China, Mexico, Canada, India and Estonia, just to name a few. This allows people to gain cultural awareness, global understanding and also the chance to see new and different places.

Quite simply, an engineer is someone who designs, builds or maintains an object, whether it be tangible or intangible. A good engineer is someone who is able to face multiple challenges daily and is willing to utilize and test various methods to find the best solution. The benefit of being an engineer at Accudyn is being surrounded by people who enjoy taking on the challenge and working together as a team to grow and succeed.