2022 New Year’s Resolutions for AME

Posted on 01-18-2022

AME Mold October 2021

A new 4-cavity mold built by AME for the automotive industry.

A year ago, as the world faced an uncertain 2021, Accudyn was anticipating positive and profound changes that would redefine the company throughout the new year. Most notably, we saw an opportunity to invest in and expand upon the capabilities of Accudyn Mold & Engineering (AME). Despite the challenges of global supply chain disruptions, we managed to find a silver lining in strong, transparent partnerships throughout the value chain that are essential to serving our customers.

Now at the dawn of 2022, our world-class tool making facility is fully operational with modern mold making equipment, state-of-the-art systems, and additional personnel to deliver precision injection molds to all of our valued customers. AME’s overarching goal is to be our customers’ most trusted supplier, and to demonstrate that, we are committing to these New Year’s Resolutions:

AME EDM working on mold

A cavity block set up in our new CNC EDM machine.

  • Lose weight: We’ll reduce our new tool lead times by utilizing our ERP system. From design to delivery, this system provides real-time information about our operations to help optimize schedules, eliminates potential bottleneck operations, and provides ongoing data for continuous improvement ideas.
  • Lift something heavy… We’ve already built dozens of precision unscrewing, collapsing, gear, and insert molds that have each successfully run millions of cycles. This year, we’ll be completing a 2-shot mold and induction heated tools.
  • …and build more muscle: Precision tools require a healthy balance of operational excellence and room to let craftsmanship shine. We’ll take on new challenges through continuous reinvestment in technologies and people.
  • Travel more: We’ll make plans with all of the necessary precautions to visit our valued customers and potential new customers in 2022. We miss seeing you in person!
  • AME Customer Mold January 2022

    Complex tool with 3 slides for the electronics industry built by AME.

  • Take More Photos: You’ll see more of AME’s people, capabilities, and tools! There were significant changes in 2021 that we’re excited to finally share!
  • Declutter and get organized: It’s a new year in a new building. A legacy of precision tools means we have hundreds of spare components, designs, and electrodes that could benefit from a 5S focus! We’ll also be making room for hundreds more!

If 2021 proved to be a year of positive change and growth for Accudyn Mold & Engineering, we can’t wait to see the trajectory for 2022! We look forward to celebrating the past, present, and future during Accudyn’s 25th anniversary year.