Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Serafini

Posted on 11-11-2021

Accudyn appreciates the power of a great team, but once in a while, we would like to shine a light on an individual and learn a bit more about how their experiences have shaped them and how their unique background adds to the dynamic that motivates and drives our mission. This month, our Q & A is with Jennifer Serafini, Production Supervisor (Second Shift) at Accudyn.

You actually have the distinction of being someone who worked here at Accudyn, left, and ultimately returned! When did you first work here and in what capacity? How long have you now been production supervisor for second shift?
Jennifer Serafini at a pressI first started at Accudyn 15 years ago as an operator when the plant was just a small shop and there was just a handful of employees on each shift. I left here to return to my medical career and did that for a combined total of 20 years before deciding that I was ready for a change of pace and went back to school. I graduated with the high distinction award from my school and was offered employment as an educator. I was afforded the opportunity to return to Accudyn as a production supervisor in June of 2021 and am hoping to further my position within the company.

Tell us a bit more about your teaching experience. How does that help you in your current role?
Teaching is ultimately the most gratifying experience. To take a group of people who have little to no knowledge of a trade and watch them flourish and grow is amazing. I taught at EIT as a CNC instructor specializing in manual machines. I also taught job seeking and professional development, blueprint reading, as well as practical dimensioning and inspection fundamentals. Teaching helped me to learn how to engage individuals and how to adapt to the needs and learning abilities of each student. One of my former students is currently employed here in the tooling department at Accudyn!

Jennifer Serafini and Michael Sustak talking

Jennifer Serafini and floater (material handler/operator) Michael Sustak

Teaching also gives you confidence. It allows you to enhance your public speaking and to learn how to convey messages through different techniques based on each individual’s learning ability. If you don’t take the time to get to know the person, then you will never understand how each one can grasp and retain the information that’s given to them. Sometimes it’s not the instruction given but rather how the instruction is given that makes the difference between a person understanding and not understanding what is expected of them.

You were also in the military. Tell us about that and how the experience enhanced your skillset to be a supervisor?
I was stationed locally with the US Army Reserve. This was 20 years ago and half of my unit got sent overseas with the other half being put on standby. Being in the military teaches you time management, leadership, how to look out for the person next to you, and how to adapt to or overcome any situation that has been presented to you.

Jennifer Serafini assisting production worker with parts

Jennifer Serafini assisting operator Taunia Kennedy

What would you tell prospective employees who are unsure of working in manufacturing and/or during an off shift?
Manufacturing is not as bad as people make it out to be! A lot of people have this misconception that working in a manufacturing environment is going to be really dirty or that the work is going to be really, really hard. Some don’t understand how big of an impact they are making on the rest of the world by what they’re doing here. To those people, I would say: you are a key piece to the puzzle and without you being here and producing the pieces that you are, then the puzzle will never be complete. You are making a difference and what you are doing is more important than you think!

What do you love most about your job?
My team is what I love most about my job! They put a smile on my face every day and I know that the team that we have created is dedicated and hardworking and I have seen nothing but great improvement with them. They are willing to learn and willing to grow, and we have a great time throughout our shift. They show me how much they respect me by how hard they work for me every day without question.

Jennifer Serafini and her second shift crew

Jennifer Serafini and her second shift team

What have been some of the toughest challenges in your job?
Staffing by far has been the toughest challenge, and not only that but being a female in a male-dominated industry. It can be very taxing at times because sometimes you feel like you have to prove yourself over and over again, but I am always up for the challenge.

What is a skill that everyone should learn?
I think that everyone should learn that they should never settle. When you settle, you become comfortable and then you are essentially shutting down from advancement opportunities or learning something new. Take each day as a learning experience and use that information to become a better you.

What is a hidden talent or little-known fact about you?
I was a volunteer firefighter with Belle Valley Fire Department and I’m a certified mixologist.

Wow! Cheers, Jennifer! We can’t wait to see where your challenges and learning experiences take you next!