Flag Installation Celebrates Diverse Workforce

Posted on 11-05-2021

As it prepares to enter its 25th year of business, Accudyn continues to excel in providing engineering and injection molding services to customers around the world. The company has also experienced expansion in its tooling capabilities and facilities despite the economic challenges of the recent pandemic.

At the heart of all this growth is what Accudyn considers to be its greatest asset — its employees. The company conducted its first all-inclusive employee survey in 2020 in order to better understand the issues that are important to its workforce. One idea that was sparked by survey results was to celebrate the various nationalities of its workers by permanently installing a flag display in its production area.

“Our Inclusion and Diversity Committee was looking for a way to show our employees that Accudyn embraces our diverse work force and the flag idea really resonated with everyone”, remarked committee member Don Stolarski.

“From the survey, we discovered that we have people from more than 20 countries employed at Accudyn, including El Salvador, Nepal, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Bhutan, and Jamaica, for example” said Kelly Dundule, the chairwoman of the committee.

“Embracing such diverse national representation throughout our organization has been quintessential to what has made Accudyn successful over the last 25 years”, says Accudyn President, Ted Bly. “Our culture is rewarded when we open up to communities and individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.”

Results from the employee survey are still being evaluated and will be used to develop future projects to promote and improve company culture.